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Perception monitoring

Perception monitoring is a Social media Business Intelligence platform delivered by Geomeme. Perception monitoring offers the most accurate Social media intelligence through its robust conversation analytical tools to enable businesses to identify valuable engagement strategy and develop consumer insights.

We understand the need for the highest quality and the coverage of Social media data for businesses to make better ROI decisions. The philosophy of Perception monitoring is to combine the best technology and the data analytic solution to provide the most actionable and accurate Social Engagement platform.

Some of the main features of the Perception Monitoring include

  • Real time listening and Engagement
  • Competitive intelligence tracking
  • Sentiments and Topic mining
  • Community Management in Social Cloud
  • Rigorous data search capabilities and report management
  • Tagging and tracking conversations and content in a single click

Benefits include

Perception monitoring is built and supported by the best minds in the world. It incorporates the relevant information relationships and metrics that drive your business growth.

  • Relevancy with a proprietary text analytics platform to ensure a very relevancy.
  • Customizable dashboard with topics and metrics relevant to your business.
  • Higher accuracy in detecting topics, sentiments and emotions.
  • Full Twitter Firehose and a robust, targeted and configurable Text Extraction platform
  • One of the leading providers of social intelligence with robust management consulting experience, advanced enterprise analytics and activation capabilities to help turn data into action.

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