Document Management

The Superior Archival Solutions

The Complete Document Management Solution

The most elegant and cost-effective document management solution on the market. ISG offers flexible, capture, archive storage and retrieval solutions.

Unlimited Opportunities

ISG Archive and ISG Library can be used autonomously for specific applications or in combination with an almost unlimited range of other applications. The system supports an exhaustive list of file types, including DjVu compressed files. Unlike the competitors’ proprietary and often specialized systems, ISG Archive and ISG Library have been designed to be compliant with both current and emerging system standards.

The Power of Full Text Capture OCR and Pattern Search Technology

ISG retrieval products offer solutions utilizing full text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) combined with pattern search technology to allow the user to search the full repository of information. The pattern search and Fuzzy search technologies allow for the recognition of words with OCR errors to be identified as near matches on a list of potential hits. Full text indexing allows you to find every occurrence of a word in each document without an expensive full-text OCR cleanup.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

ISG products are plug and play; you can begin to scan and retrieve information and modify documents in ISG Library immediately after installation.

Access Where and When You Need It

In today’s fast moving economy, employees need real-time access to critical business information from anywhere around the globe. ISG understands this need,and offers a choice of Archive or Library based storage and retrieval solutions.

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